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"For most students, their first introduction to you comes in some form of the PBS Frontline documentary, the 60 Minutes piece, or Evan's book. THAT Alec is NOT the same person students meet. When they meet you in person, their "prism" for assessing you is the one previously built out prior to prison. As you noted in QA, there is also a lot of editing that went into all the documentaries. For students meeting you, there is a moment of cognitive dissonance—in part because YOU are so direct and accepting of responsibility. You might consider beginning your remarks by framing things in this way and acknowledging something like 'You likely have seen me on Frontline...but...'"

Professor Bergstrom, University of Washington

Kaustubh Sakhray

Alec sir, It's an honor to connect with you. I looked you up on LinkedIn after watching "Opioids, Inc." on YouTube. Irrespective of the practices of Insys, I was really impressed by your mindset of selling no matter what!

David Yasnoff

I saw you in the HBO documentary and I loved your authenticity, honesty, and excitement about "Uncapped Commissions". I'd like to discuss working with you...

Jason Kills 

Really impressed by your energy, would like to know if you can consult on our plan to expand our telecom company 
"Let me start by saying I saw Frontline, crime of the century, and walked away with an enormous amount of respect for you. And quite frankly, your perspective on the situation has taught me a lot about life....Thanks for having the balls to share your story and be real about it. You've made a hell of an impact on my mindset."

Andrew Murphy 

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