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Public Speaker --  Corporate Training  --  Proven Sales Leader

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More Efficient Sales a Day 

How to close more deals working only 2-3 hours a day.

Getting a Natural "Yes" Easily

How to get away from hard sales, so the YES just naturally comes to you.

Mastering Confidence and Storytelling

How to master confidence and storytelling so your prospects are excited to work with you.

Nullifying the Competition 

The best way to build lasting relationships, so your competition is not a threat.

How My Sales Course Can Help You

Who Am I?

I was the VP of sales for Insys Pharmaceuticals and led the company to over $ 3 billion in sales and being named the #1 IPO in the country. I have taught and led sales teams for Fortune 500 companies and have learned the ins and outs of sales at the highest level. However, I inappropriately incentivized doctors to write more than $1 billion worth of prescriptions, and served 2 years in federal prison.  

What Do I Do?
I bring value based on my unique experiences. I know how to get you to be #1 while avoiding the mistakes that most make. I help people address the crucial "What's-in-it-for-me" question buyers ask, treating every sale as a chess match: making sacrifices for long-term success. Balancing integrity and results, my course teaches mental athleticism while staying within legal boundaries. Together, we can accelerate sales without compromising integrity.  

Why Me?
My unwavering authenticity and transparency help ensure maximum success while preventing legal issues that most face in this industry. With profound lessons learned from federal authorities and massive success, I have seen it all. I can help you succeed in sales without resorting to the inappropriate practices other courses advocate for. 

Learn Sales From Someone Who Has Been There, Done That 

Reach The Monumental Highs And Avoid The Devastating Lows.

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