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Is Netflix’s ‘Pain Hustlers’ Based on a True Story?



Chris Evans plays Pete Brenner (Head of Sales at Zanna Therapeutics)

While his character "takes on some of the qualities of Alec Burlakoff" (former VP of Sales at Inys Therapeautics), who is at the center of Hughes' original article The Pain Hustlers from The New York Times Magazine...

"none of the characters on screen are strict one-to-one representations of Insys employees".  The movie is a "heavily dramatized account of the rise and fall of a small opioid company"  


Want the REAL Story??

Want to learn the sales strategies behind what led the company to over $3B in sales?

"I had so many opportunities to say enough is enough. There are lines that I crossed in the past, and for whatever reason, I was able to be comfortable crossing those lines. But this was a line that I’ve never crossed, and this  was a line that I was uncomfortable with. And instead of walking away, I forced myself to get comfortable enough to do something that was very uncomfortable. And that’s on me".

-Alec Burlakoff

-Yes: I inappropriately incentivized doctors to write more than $1 billion worth of prescriptions.

-Yes: I served a sentence of 26 months in federal prison. I want to be entirely up front about that. I've learned from that experience.

I admit my wrong's, but my Sales Strategies were right on.

-Yes: I hired and led a sales team that resulted in the company being named the #1 IPO in the country.

-Yes: I'm a proven asset to both the individual and organization because of that experience.

-Yes: bring value based on understanding. I create training and compliance systems for sales professionals . I work with startups and large organizations. I assess markets, create strategies, and identify risks that could put companies in the crosshairs of authorities.

-Yes: My expertise will help drive results in the short term, and also ensure your entity is built to last.

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